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    Joel Kanitz appreciation

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    We’re so excited to get back on the road! Dates coming soon. See you out there! :)

  4. this century + acoustic songs

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    Photo by Carolina Londono

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    I don’t even know. Just terrifying.

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    This tweet is from 2010 by Ed Sheeran. One direction put these lyrics in a song in 2012.

    It’s not like Ed Sheeran wrote Over Again or anything

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  11. "Slam poetry. Yelling. Angry. Waving my hands a lot. Specific point of view on things. Cynthia. Cyn-thi-a. Jesus died for our Cynthia’s. Jesus cried. Runaway bride. Julia Roberts. Julia rob-hurts. Cynthia. Mmmmm Cynthia, you’re dead. You are dead. Be boop beep you’re dead."
    — Schmidt, 22 Jump Street (via joshbgosh1)

  12. Times I wished I was a dog







    also this time


  13. Anonymous said: Okay, so I saw on Ryan's personal Facebook that he's in a relationship now. Now Joel is single. Why must we trade one for the other??

    At least we get good songs outta that kinda stuff.


  14. Times I wished I was a dog

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    Joel Kanitz of This Century