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    Black 22 year old, Darrien, shot in Utah. He had a Samurai word strapped to his back because he was applying for a job at an Asian restaurant. He was confronted by police near the restaurant. Witnesses have sent in photos where there is no sword in his hand, yet police say they…

    LISTEN UP! I live ten minutes away from where this happened. This community is mostly white, religious families and I feel like that’s why this hasn’t been receiving the recognition it deserves. The shot that killed him was one that had been fired while he was running AWAY from the cops. They didn’t try anything else with him, like try and bring him down to the station, or even just talk to him…they just started shooting, which is extremely reckless because there were other people there that could have also been killed or at least very injured. The cops involved really are on paid leave and the police are keeping this so under wraps that there’s not much to report on. PLEASE TRY AND GET THIS TO CIRCULATE, THIS DESERVES RECOGNITION. This boy did not have to even have a weapon pointed at him, much less be shot at until dead. I want everyone to know what’s going on. 

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    FC Barcelona vs. Athletic Club match (2-0) 09.13.2014

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    One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 


    This man is a guardian of the galaxy

    you can just see the split second where everyone is processing what he said

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    Joel Kanitz appreciation

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    We’re so excited to get back on the road! Dates coming soon. See you out there! :)

  9. this century + acoustic songs

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    Photo by Carolina Londono

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    I don’t even know. Just terrifying.

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    This tweet is from 2010 by Ed Sheeran. One direction put these lyrics in a song in 2012.

    It’s not like Ed Sheeran wrote Over Again or anything

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