2. Anonymous asked: I actually know Joel Kanitz personally - I take vocal lessons from his mother and he sings at my church occasionally. Lovely guy :) His sister is awesome too! The whole family is wonderful.

    Ahh that’s so cool!! They do seem really nice! From what I’ve seen, all of them have really great families and all the guys are super nice too! Must be something in that Arizona air haha

  3. Favourites from Joel’s Facebook Q&A

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    8123 Tour | AZ

  6. […] and you would never leave
    and I could never say the words ‘cause they won’t be enough
    so I tip toe ‘cause I don’t want you to know (x)

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  7. thiscenturyaustralia:

    Rock Forever Magazine interview with Joel

    This interview is so good

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    Joel Kanitz
    This Century
    April 8, 2014
    The College of New Jersey

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  10. Anonymous asked: What's Joel's currently relationship status as of today??

    He’s in a relationship :)

  11. I’m just imagining them like “Hey Sean, take a picture of me eating and I’ll take one of you.”

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    Harry tickling Liam with his hair (x)

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  14. 'Mad chill Florida vibes'